Welcome to my website!

My name is Lamin Darboe although I am known by the other bird guides as Brown Snake Eagle. 

I have been a member of the Bird Guide Association of the Gambia for 17 years, taking bird watchers all over Gambia either for day trips or full tours up country to Tendaba and Georgetown.  The Gambia is a great destination for birding with over 550 species; below are listed the most popular locations people choose to visit. The variety of birds you will see in those areas is extensive.

I am available all year round (yes - people do come in the rainy season when the birds are in beautiful breeding colours)! If you would like to book any trips or just make an enquiry, please use the contact page.   

Kotu Creek - including rice fields & golf course

Abuko Nature Reserve

Brufut woods

Tanji bird reserve & fish market




Bansang Quarry

Cape Point, Bakau


Faraba Banta bush track



Tendaba (2 day trip) 

Kiang West national park (2 day trip)

Georgetown (2 day trip)